How to Convert YouTube to MP3?


Ever wanted to extract the audio of a concert or favorite YouTube clip? Imagine if you could listen to rare audio of your favorite artist or band on your iPod or MP3 player. YouTube Video Downloader Free allows you to do exactly that by converting YouTube music video to MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WAV, etc. with high quality. Now, just convert YouTube to MP3 with this free YouTube video downloader to enjoy your favorite YouTube music on music players!

Download the YouTube Video Downloader Free through the link below and save the file to your desktop:

Download YouTube Video Downloader Free

Step 1. Choose Download Wizard Mode

Launch YouTube Video Downloader Free. Choose "Download video from YouTube" () mode (If you want to convert local video files, choose "Convert audio/video (previously downloaded) from file").

Choose Download Wizard Mode

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Step 2. Paste YouTube Video URLs & Choose Download Settings

Copy the URLs of available YouTube videos and click "Paste" () to paste them to the "Input URLs" section. You can click "Remove" button to delete the selected URL or click "Empty" button to clear all added URLs. The program will auto-check if the URLs are correct and pop up a window if wrong URLs are pasted. Check the "Prefer YouTube high quality" () and click "Config..." () button to activate the window in which you can choose the preferred quality from the list. Click "Select..." () to choose download folder. Then, click "Download" () to start download.

Paste YouTube Video URLs & Choose Download Settings

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Step 3. Start Download

After you hit "Download" and the program will detect the URLs you paste to find the real download link. Within few seconds, the name of the video will be displayed and the download is started. You can view the file info, downloading speed, time estimation and a progress bar.

Start Download

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Step 4. Input Video Files

When the download is finished, you can see a brief task report and an "Open folder" button to directly open the download folder. Click the "Convert the downloaded file(s) now!" () for continuing conversion and the downloaded YouTube videos will be added to the conversion list.

Add Downloaded YouTube Video Files

You are allowed to add more videos to the list by "Add File(s)..." () button. You can remove any or all of the imported videos with the "Delete" & "Clear" button and arrange the order of files by "Move Up" or "Move Down" button or by dragging the listed videos.

Input Video Files

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Step 5. Preset Output Settings

Click "Select..." () to choose an output folder to save the output files. Click "Audio" tab () to choose "To MP3" () as an output format (there are 3 tabs for output formats: "Video", "Devices" & "Audio" and each tab contains various output formats). Then, adjust the format presets in the "Presets" () dropdown list if more precise output quality is required. Click "Convert" () to start conversion.

Preset Output Settings

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Step 6. Start Conversion

After you hit "Convert", some conversion information and a progress bar will be displayed within just few seconds. You can choose to play a sound or shut down the computer when conversion is finished.

Start Conversion

When the conversion is finished, you can have a view of the general report about the conversion. Click "Open folder" () to directly find the output file. Now, free YouTube downloader provides you the YouTube music you needed.

Find the Converted Files

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